Sketchbook Jungle

Just a page of doodles from my moleskin, done on Easter Sunday as we lounged at the local coffee shop (Kirsten added the antennae on top). Things have been a bit busy this week, so I figured that I'd put something, anything, up. Maybe, my full-assed sketches can fill the void left by my half-assed cartoons.

Also, I'm buying time for those who'd like to participate in this year's Roll Call. C'mon, don't be shy. I'll be making my response(s) to Roll Call later this week.

In other news/geniuses I know:


Roll Call '08

Well, it's been about a year since I've done roll call around here. Last time it was my way of flushing out all the lurkers by giving them an opportunity to come forward, introduce themselves, ask questions, share their opinions, turn-ons, turn-offs... whatever they felt like sharing in the comments section.

After having come off the high concept* of Bad Kirsten/Bad Mathew (described as "brilliant" by one reader and "unfair" by another), it seemed like as good time as any to check in, get to know who's out there and have a little fun.

Also, it's a cheap and easy way for me to generate content by relying on you, the lovely reader. So, don't let me down, baby.

*yeah, I snickered when I reread that, too. Ooh, look at the cartoonist and his high-falutin' words and ideas. I'm sorry.



Actual content resuming shortly. Sorry, fan.


It's Always Fun Until...

Today I begin Bad Mathew (or, alternately, I'm No Picnic), a rebuttal of sorts to Bad Kirsten. Join us, won't you, as I fulfill my legal and ethical obligation in providing equal time to the other perspective.
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