No, this isn't my Halloween costume... this is me groping for the coffee pot every morning. As you can see, Halloween is more of a year-round occasion here.

Happy Halloween everyone! Don't eat too much candy.



For Jane

Three weeks ago, we lost our good friend Jane Dibbell. Though she lived and taught drama most of her life, she would not like to see us being dramatic in her passing. There will be no rending of garments, gnashing of teeth, crying to the heavens... no matter our grief, this would not be the proper way in which to honor her.

I will propose, and I think Jane would approve, that you find someone you love, and give them a hug. Jane was great with the hug, and gave them freely and frequently. One always felt better after a hug from Jane... the world felt as if it had been righted for a small moment. Maybe, if more people shared this basic human contact, the world could be a better place. Jane was an activist, in all ways, large and small.



I don't care what anyone thinks... effervescent bath salts are wonderful.



Maybe This is Something...

Probably just some sonambulistic navel-gazing... something about my mortality, or the futilty of human endeavors...

...but there are some pretty sweet comics on that shelf.

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Current Debate

The vote is split, 50/50. Your vote could make the difference.

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Hey Baby

These flowers are for you, interwebernet reader...

Let's not fight again. I promise to treat you good, baby. I know I was gone for a while, and you were worried sick, but I'm back now. We can pick up where we left off...

After a few false starts and stutters, I believe that I am back. We are moved and mostly unpacked (Found my pens!) It was quite a time, and looking back, I wish I would have documented it more... and maybe I will in a retroactive way.

During the downtime, I lost sight of what this was all about... mainly having fun. So after the moving, painting, unpacking, etc... I had the added "What the hell am I doing, anyway?" stalling a return. Tsk...

... but now I'm back again, baby. It'll be better than ever... I brought you these... wait... don't close the door, sweets... ak, my foot... what? ow! I'm sorry baby, please! Don't go... those flowers were 9 bucks...


Do You Know What Today Is? Remix

A quick edit to the post from earlier today...

Apparently, I have a bias for the boy, and neglected to include Sadie and Betty. In true comic book fashion, I am retconning them in. We ALL wish you a happy birthday.

Do You Know What Today Is?

A shout-out to the homegirl on her special day. We're back, sorta. Slowly but surely unpacking. I'll be returning to the daily routine soon.

If you believe in birthdays, leave a comment and I will forward them to her.
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