Time Flies

We had a lovely evening with Jenny, Joe, Robert, Michael and Alex Monday night. Thank you for having us over. I hope I didn't monopolize the conversation too much re: the comics talk with Robert.

SITE BUSINESS: As you can see, Kirsten and I are looking for a new place. Hopefully we'll get approved and have the keys to our new digs this week. The bad news is that posting may be a little light for the next week or two as we haul our two metric tons of books across the San Gabriel Valley and get settled in. Oh, my bones are aching already.


Another Kenyon Summer Draws To A Close

Have a safe trip home, everyone.
I had a great time almost being there,
and next year I hope to meet you all in person.

Now... send my woman home to me!


Vampire Day! Bonus

Vampire Day!

Thankfully, I get a little time off today to recuperate from last night.
I may rejoin the land of the living yet.

Up Too Late...

Kept at work til 3am... brain a little dead.



Sorry for not posting yesterday... it was a busy weekend.



Congratulations to Tory and Andy on the arrival of Lily Grace.
Looks like you'll need to double your diaper budget...


Hey! Wyatt!

It's kind of weird when he does this.
What could Wyatt possibly be thinking when I clean his litter box?


Vader Pwned

Sad to see Vader go from the scariest
m-f'er of my childhood to this...

Contingency Plan (for David)

My advice would for everyone to study up on their Latverian writers...
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