Stupid Sentimental Human

That Rainbow Bridge poem, as corny as it sounds, wrecks me every time I hear it.


Goodnight, Betty

I originally made this cartoon back in June of 2008, after taking Betty to the vet. She had been having some health problems. The vet didn't have any easy answers, and cautioned against putting her through expensive and invasive tests that would only verify that "she's an old kitty." He advised that I take her home and make her comfortable.

Betty's always been a tough, old bitch, so I'm not surprised that she hung around for another year and a half relatively unimpeded by the advance of old age. She still demanded her favorite foods. She still bossed the boys around. She still fought over her favorite piece of turf (me). Only in the last week or so did the end start to make itself evident.

She left us this morning, wrapped in her favorite blanket, sleeping next to me. I'm grateful that I was there, that she wasn't alone. She saved me from a great loneliness. I only hope that I was able to repay that debt.
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