Hutch's Moving Castle

We've been very busy preparing, packing and painting (oh, aliteration!). Regular content (or what passes for it) will return shortly. Thanks for checking in.


Is Anyone There?

Apologies to my fan, but things have been kind of hectic here lately. It looks like we'll be moving immediately to a new place, and this will undoubtedly cause some disruption in the semi-daily posting at Sequential Life. I'll do my best, though, and as long as I have pen and paper, a working scanner and computer, an internet connection and a tall, frosty coffee drink, I'll do my best to have something here.



One of my many fears is a fear of spiders. It's not so much what they actually do, but what I fear they could do. I'm always hesitant to kill them, though. One: I feel bad. Two: What if I miss?

Originally drawn June 19, 2006.


Zombie Alley

The alley behind our apartment gets a little creepy at night, but that's where the dumpsters are... Given my enduring collection of fears, I have dubbed it Zombie Alley. I try not to go down there alone, I mean, I've never seen a cat in a zombie movie, have you?

Originally drawn January 22, 2006.



Originally drawn sometime in January 2006.



Cats are very territorial... the sleeping arrangements break down much like this:

Though, I'm curious what happens when I'm out of town.

Originally drawn on June 18, 2006
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