Wrapped Up

As you know, I've been away from Sequential Life for a while, working on Awesome Hospital, and we just wrapped up the next four weeks of strips, concluding the first chapter. Hopefully, the whole shebang will be available in print form sometime in the next month or so. I'm very excited.

Incidentally, we had an impromptu contest last week, and commenter Jason demonstrated his M*A*S*H knowledge, and won this sketchcard.

I also participated in this month's Twitter Art Jam. This month's theme was tagged #boxofficepoison, and artists were tasked to design a movie poster for any movie featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000. I took on The Brain That Wouldn't Die in a blatant Saul Bass homage.

Lastly, I drew Validus, the bizarre Fatal Five villain from the Legion of Superheroes. It's a birthday present for Bill Doughty, writer of the fine comics blog Trusty Plinko Stick. Click on over and wish him a happy birthday.
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