Deck the Halls

A Special Christmas Event for all Sequential Fans! Head on over to ACTION AGE COMICS and read The Christmas Chronicles of Solomon Stone written by my buddy, Chris Sims, and drawn by yours truly! Happy Merry!

Look for new Sequential Cartoons (Hey! Stop laughing! I promise!) after the New Year!!!


Ice Cream and Cake

This is one of our most favorite things ever. Kirsten likes the dinosaur's dance moves.



All Right!

I'll be getting to all the strips I started in Kenyon, Ohio. I have no excuse, other than I was having too good of a time at Kenyon to draw finished strips. I know, I know... I've been back for over a month. Thanks for pointing that out.


I have finally made it to Kenyon. I'm working on locating a scanner that I can use while I am here. Hopefully, updates won't be far behind.


The Shushie

I kid. Grant's a wonderful pool player, and can hold his Guinness far better than I can.

In other Sequential Life news, I've opened up an online store at Cafe Press. Right now, I've got a t-shirt design that I was prompted to make for the Kenyon Review Young Writers Retreat:

A little something to encourage the writer in your life. The design is a mutation of this WWII era poster. The t-shirt comes both in mens and womens styles, and there is also a handy tote bag, the proceeds of which will go to support Kirsten's mother in her recovery.

Stay tuned. I plan to put up some proper Sequential Life designs soon.



The 2009 Poet Laureate of Gambier!

Tremble mortals, for David Hall joins this august group.



Kirsten and I want to thank all of you that have supported us in helping Marla in her recovery. Those of you lent a word of support, spared some time to help or even assisted Marla in helping keep her medical coverage, have been an answer to our prayers. We will always be grateful. Thank you.


So... What's Going On With You?


Fans of Sequential-Life--We need your help!
Many Sequential-Life fans who know Me & Kirsten in real life know that Kirsten's mom, Marla, suffered a massive stroke the first week of May. You can read here for details on Marla's condition and updates on her progress & recovery. It's been quite a roller coaster ride the last 4 weeks as we've traveled most weekends from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to take care of Marla's affairs.

We've had a lot of support from a lot of wonderful people throughout--friends and strangers have come forward with information and have volunteered their time and energy, but we need to ask for a little more. Doctors have determined that Marla will be disabled at least a year, and will need long-term, assisted care. Right now, our first priority is to keep Marla's insurance going while we're waiting for Medicaid and Marla's disability to kick in. Unfortunately, to keep that insurance going, me & Kirsten are faced with paying the monthly insurance premium for up to 9 months while the Medicaid paperwork makes its way through the health care system.

So I'm asking you, dear reader, for your cash--although I'm offering something in return! Here's what I'm going to do: a donation of $20 will get you a signed sketch of your favorite Sequential Life or non-Sequential Life cartoon character. That $20 will go directly to paying Marla's Insurance premium and so that she will continue get the long-term care that she will need until Medicaid kicks in.

It will also prove that Sequential Life is good for something other than your premium outlet for jokes about robot-dancing, farting bears and unfinished 80's love stories. If you've enjoyed Sequential Life, then please consider this donation to Marla. She's a pretty great lady--if you're in the Vegas area, she'd love you to stop by for a visit!

You can LEAVE A COMMENT HERE OR CONTACT ME: sequentialmail (at) yahoo (dot) com

Perhaps you'd like your very own likeness in a Sequential Cartoon! You'd be made INFAMOUS!

I also urge you to check out the blog Kirsten has set up to disperse information regarding Marla's situation and status.

Thanks, everyone.

And thanks, too, for all of those phone calls and comments and emails and text messages and facebook notes and @twitters--even when we can't return them, it means so much that you are just thinking about us and sending good thoughts. We're so thankful that you're here.



Happy Birthday Jenny!
The Cap'n is running a bit behind these days.

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