Not that you didn't have suspicions before now...


I Sing the Body Fight Song

I apologize for not posting for a while. I've been fighting a cold which has been distracting me, especially when my immune system has this as a fight song.


Fighting a Cold

Please to enjoy this ground-level view of my bloodstream. And yes, even my white blood cells wear glasses.


So... About That Content

The above diagram illustrates the current state around here. In detail: (A) Represents my job violently impacting (B) my face, causing loss of (C) tooth... also creative energy, restful nights sleep, will to live, etc...

I have a few more episodes left for Viva Las Vegas Week, so the whole Clint Eastwood thing wasn't a lie. I wouldn't lie to you... I'm very bad at lying.


Sleeping Arrangements

Editor's Note: Long-time readers will recognize the call-backs to these two cartoons. Let it never be said I couldn't satisfy the continuity buffs out there.
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