The Mind-Killer

Working against a couple of deadlines. More sequential stuff tomorrow.


Sequential Life at 5

I know that there are posts that go back to 2005, but 2006 is when I started posting these doodles online, as opposed to just emailing them to Kirsten while she was away at her writing retreat.

Panel 3 was part of an actual conversation we had a while back, where she admonished me for not keeping on top of posting these last few years. Somewhere along the way, in addition to just being goofy little strips, Sequential Life became a series of touchstones for the two of us and I had been negligent in my duties.

I hope you've enjoyed them as much as we have.


Picking the Lint Out of the Hairdryer

I don't know who originally coined the term that serves as the title of this post, but it was related to me by Kirsten years ago. It's served as shorthand for the busy-work writers (or artists) do when faced with the blank page. [EDIT] Kirsten informs me that it was our friend, Jamie Thurber, who coined the term.
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