Hang in There

Hang in there, everyone. I will be updating here again soon. I just started a new job this week and am getting used to a new schedule.


The Finish

Yeah, I've been a bit melancholy this week. We all like to think we make a difference in the world, and I know that, save for a few friends I've made at this job, I will be forgotten here in no time.

I should have moved on a long time ago, but if I had, I would have missed meeting some very genuine and talented people that just started here a few months ago. As much as I disliked the place, I couldn't ask for better co-workers these last four months. So, a shout out to the downstairs graphics ghetto... may your vision be clear, your vectors true and your comps approved. I see great things for us all.


Out of Town

Hey all. Just wanted to let you know the posting may be light (if not non-existant) for the next few days while I'm out of town. If I can get access to a scanner, I'll try to throw something up, but until then you're on your own. Talk amongst yourselves.
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