Odds & Ends

Last night instead of burning the midnight oil drawing the next installment of SL, I opted to fall asleep on the couch. Feeling pangs of guilt today, I've cobbled together some content for you.

An Item of (minimal) Interest!

Behold! Pictured below is an actual pencil used to create the fine drawings you see here (mostly) everyday at Sequential Life:

Nubby little thing, isn't it? I was having a personal contest to see how long I could use it. It helps, of course, to have one of those old-school art supply tools pictured next:

It holds the pencil for you, when it can no longer hold itself. Kind of like a crutch, or wheelchair, for pencils. Looks like I may get a few more cartoons out of this one, yet.

Shortly after I took these photos, the lead fell out, no longer having the necessary surface area of wood to hold it into place. A private ceremony was held.

Outbound Links!

  • I contributed a bit of fan art to Action Age Comics. It looks like they're putting together exactly the kinds of stories the 13-year-old in me would like, but who am I kidding? There's virtually no difference between the 13-year-old in me and the regular-year-old in me's taste in comics. One of the perpetrators of the site is one of my favorite comics bloggers, so check it out.
  • I read this piece a while ago, but wanted to link to it. For a guy like me who a) is a big Simpson fan and b) can be reduced to tears quite easily, this story is kind of a perfect storm.

Sweet Boys Alert!
Closing Thought of the Day!
Just realized that this may have provided a subliminal inspiration for the invention of H.U.G.G.E.R. Bear. I don't remember actually seeing the movie, but I do remember reading and rereading the novelization. The movie in my head was probably better. It usually is.


Catching My Breath

No new cartoon today. Here are some doodles from my sketchbook.



Late Night at Work

Let the good times sustain us through the bad.
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