On Notice!

  1. Underwear Thief - I pray that you end up strangulating a testicle wearing my stolen goods.

  2. Death - First Harvey Korman, now George Carlin? Why do you hate my childhood heroes?

  3. Sam Simpson - What is the point of The Point of Babette if you don't post there? There is a hole in my blogroll... and my heart.

  4. The Sun - I get it. You're hot. Enough already.

  5. Subway Sandwich - The time to inform me that you're out of avocado is not when my sandwich is 99% assembled.

  6. Wyatt - You know why...

  7. Spiders - Why do you insist on making me kill you?

  8. VH1 - I Love the New Millenium? Really? How can one feel nostalgic for just a little while ago?



Hey! Tory and Andy!

Sorry, Tory. Just a little bit longer...

The Gang's All There

Shown (from left to right): Tyler, Jess, Sam, Kirsten, David and Jinxie.

Okay, a few items:

  1. Sam doesn't smoke cigars.
  2. Once again, I am left to speculate someone's actual appearance. This time Jess has drawn the short straw, hence the smoke. I need photos, people. Don't make me do this again.
  3. Yes, that is a power ring on David's finger. He received it due to his ability to overcome great fear. He currently patrols Sector 2814. His willpower is legend among the corps.


Two Years Later...

Today makes it two years since I started posting here at Sequential Life. There are no special plans here at SL Headquarters, though I may indulge in a little pizza later, maybe drop by the local comic shop and treat myself.

I just wanted to say thank you to all the readers who have stopped by and left a comment over the years. It's meant a lot to me. I started Sequential Life as a more efficient way to deliver my little drawings to Kirsten while she was off on her adventures, but to my surprise, something about it appealed to strangers and friends alike. For your indulgence, I sincerely thank you.

Also, it goes without saying, I couldn't have done any of this without Kirsten. She has done double (triple?) duty as my muse, my editor and patron. It was largely her idea to keep this enterprise going as she saw it as a much needed creative outlet for me (even if it meant airing out some dirty laundry). This blog is a labor of love, and I labor gladly. I live for that moment I make you giggle at something dumb... there is no sweeter sound. You are my superstar.





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