On Notice!

  1. Underwear Thief - I pray that you end up strangulating a testicle wearing my stolen goods.

  2. Death - First Harvey Korman, now George Carlin? Why do you hate my childhood heroes?

  3. Sam Simpson - What is the point of The Point of Babette if you don't post there? There is a hole in my blogroll... and my heart.

  4. The Sun - I get it. You're hot. Enough already.

  5. Subway Sandwich - The time to inform me that you're out of avocado is not when my sandwich is 99% assembled.

  6. Wyatt - You know why...

  7. Spiders - Why do you insist on making me kill you?

  8. VH1 - I Love the New Millenium? Really? How can one feel nostalgic for just a little while ago?
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