The Packing

Viva Las Vegas Week kicks off with a conversation we have every time we pack for a trip.



Kirsten and I took a much-needed vacation last weekend. I meant to put up a warning here, but there was no time... Vegas was calling. Good news is that I'm kicking off Viva Las Vegas Week here at Sequential Life, in which you'll witness:
  • Tips on how to spot the European tourist
  • A "salute" to Toby Keith
  • Part 47 in a never-ending battle for musical taste supremacy
  • A special appearance by Clint Eastwood
All that and the regular tomfoolery you have come to expect.


Haunted Breakfast

Yes, there was a contest that I was supposedly running here. And yes, I forgot to actually announce a winner. Well, here are the results:

In five weeks, Mathew consumed pancakes for dinner on seven nights (amounting to 90 individual pancakes total).

The grand prize winner is TRE, who guessed 60 individual pancakes. Runners-up include Mike, who low-balled with a paltry 3 nights, and Sam, who greatly overestimated my talent for putting away the dough. Send me your addresses, and Official Sequential Life Goodies will be dispatched to all three of you.

Thanks to all who played!



Why You No Draw, Mathew?

Instead of drawing last night, Kirsten and I indulged in a few beverages. Aside from that, here's what's been happening:
  • We've been getting caught up on episodes of The Closer.
  • Moving furniture around, making the old place feel like a new place.
  • Trying that cooking-at-home thing.
  • Going on romantic bike rides around the neighborhood.
New content should follow shortly. Meanwhile, cast your vote for the most likely , "What Sam Did On Her Summer Vacation" scenario. My bet's on #3.
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