The Shushie

I kid. Grant's a wonderful pool player, and can hold his Guinness far better than I can.

In other Sequential Life news, I've opened up an online store at Cafe Press. Right now, I've got a t-shirt design that I was prompted to make for the Kenyon Review Young Writers Retreat:

A little something to encourage the writer in your life. The design is a mutation of this WWII era poster. The t-shirt comes both in mens and womens styles, and there is also a handy tote bag, the proceeds of which will go to support Kirsten's mother in her recovery.

Stay tuned. I plan to put up some proper Sequential Life designs soon.


Kirsten said...

You're dreamy; even IF your apostrophe usage needs a bit of work.

Mathew said...

My proofreader is out of town :P

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