Roll Call!

Hey, I'm calling out to you, too. I know there are some of you out there who check in regularly, so here's a chance to introduce yourself. If you have any questions, by all means post them and I'll answer as best I can, maybe even in comic form.

No, I'm not out of ideas and desperately casting out to my audience for inspiration. And yes, I will finish Breaking Up. I'm merely trying to get to know you all a little better, and have some fun.

So, have at it. Who are you and what is your burning question? I'm talking to you too, Sam. Don't make me call up the angry coffee pot.



Kathleen said...

Just a mom/blogger/freelance writer/educational film producer/chocoholic here. I found this blog via the ol "next blog button" and really liked your comics (style/writing/honesty).So there you go, your first lurker delurked. A Question? Um, okay when you open the newspaper to the comic section, what is the first one you read? (Mine is Get Fuzzy)

Samantha Novella Simpson said...

Not the Angry Coffee Pot! Delicious coffee should never be used for evil, Mathew.

Of course, you already know I'm waiting (impatiently?) for the next installment of "Breaking Up."

How do you make decisions about what you'll draw? Often I read your work, and I think, "I know EXACTLY what he's talking about!" So, how do you do that?

And why is that coffee pot so angry?

Gaia said...

Oh gee, I feel called out - LOL. I like Kathleen found you via the next blog button. I got sucked in by your kitty cartoons. I like your style and can relate even though I only have one kitty.

I have no questions. I'm very accepting that way.

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