Oh Kathleen, I am a dirty cheater. I'm ashamed to admit that I don't read the newspaper as much as I should. I used to have the time for it, but lately it's only the odd lazy Sunday that I think to get one. Mutts is one of my favorites, followed closely by Non Sequiter, Bizarro and For Better or for Worse. I also am a great fan of political cartoons of any kind. I admire anyone with the kind of talent it takes to succinctly break down a complex issue and also make fun at the same time.

A better answer to Sam's question would be that I look at drawing like a writer looks at journaling (leave it to Sam to ask me what is essentially a writer's question). I've managed to pick up a few things here and there being in such close proximity to a good writer (hi Kirsten!). I don't remember if it's Natalie Goldberg, but I was impressed by the notion of writing everyday, even if you didn't want to, even if you thought you had nothing to say, just keep the pen moving. Something will happen. I've tried to apply that principle to drawing.

See, I'm a bad artist. Bad in the sense that I get lazy, and there was a period where I kind of gave up on it. I lost my love for it (or misplaced it). This enterprise has been kind of a sneaky way of getting myself into the habit again. So I try to keep the pen moving. Some nights, I have no idea of what I'll be doing until it happens. Other times, I'll have an idea, but won't actually use it for months. And other times, I'll have a fully-formed cartoon in my head before I sit down. It's weird.

In conclusion...

Thanks Kathleen. Thanks Sam. And thanks to Gaia, who didn't have a question, but came forward also. Gaia, you've got it a bit backwards... you don't only have one kitty...

That kitty has you.

Thanks everyone, for the questions and the compliments.

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Samantha Novella Simpson said...

How dare you treat a coffee pot that way? You deserve what you get!

(Great cartoon answers. Keep this up... or else...)

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