She's a Sadie

I had something else in mind for November, but that feels less important right now. Kirsten and I got bad news this weekend about our Sadie, who's had some health issues the past few years. For a while, I'm just going to doodle about her. I've never been the praying type, but I would certainly welcome any kind thoughts in her direction. She's a sweet and friendly cat, and I know you'd like her if you ever met her.


Samantha Novella Simpson said...

You're no longer on notice. I'm so sorry about Sadie. There's nothing that can make this kind of thing better, but... I'm here.

Gaia said...

Oh, poor Sadie. Give her lots of love and extra treats from us (me and my kitty, Miss Maya)

Mathew said...

Thanks Sam. Thanks Gaia (and Miss Maya). We're hanging in here and spoiling Sadie rotten.

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