Birthday Roundup

I meant to do this sooner, but I was having too much fun. FCBD kind of kicked off a birthday week here, from which I am starting to recover. First, I'm getting piles of comics, next thing you know, comics arrive in the mail from friends (Thanks Grant and Sherilyn, just what I always wanted: Kirby's Demon Omnibus) and then the parents come to town for a fun visit, mom having made a good supply of her son's favorite peanut butter cookies...

So, I've basically been laying on the couch, reading comics and stuffing myself with cookies for the last week. Best Birthday Ever.

The highlight in the middle of all of this was artwork showing up on my twitter doorstep on the big day, orchestrated (I found out later) by my best girl, Kirsten (whose own art piece graces the top of this update).

It was a blast wake up to all of these on my birthday, and really put the whole experience over the top. Thank you, everyone.

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