Hourly Comic Day

I'm trying to cure a case of drawer's block. I had only heard about Hourly Comic Day a few days ago, thinking it might be a thing to do "some other time". For some reason, this morning, I woke up with a burning urge to do it today with everyone else. Please note, I won't be updating hourly, but whenever I get a chance to use a scanner. I'll conclude Miami Adventures this weekend (crosses fingers).


Kirsten said...

Hey! People will think we're mean laughing at poor grandma falling down! You must put that story into context or we're just evil mathew and evil kirsten!

you are wonderbar!!!!

Mathew said...

Don't worry, I thought that that story about your grandma deserved its own entry... Bad Kirsten Week is coming!


Samantha Novella Simpson said...

So, yeah, hourly comics are pretty bad-ass.

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