Good Morning

Just as I am getting back on the horse, I find a review of my work. A few months back, I bundled up some strips and packaged them in the attractive mini-comic format and sent them of to compete in the Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics.

I didn't win, but Johanna (one of the judges) has posted what she thought were the "best of the best", which included me. Truly, I am honored. Johanna knows her good comics, and I am totally stoked to be a comic worth reading.

So, I expect to see some new faces around here today. Please, make yourself at home, browse around the archives, drop me a line if you like what you see. We're glad to have you.


Samantha Novella Simpson said...

Shut up! That's exactly what my mornings are like! Indeed, a day without coffee is as terrifying as a zombie movie...

Kirsten said...

SHUT UP! That's exactly what MY mornings are like too!!! (I mean, handing YOU the coffee! hahahahaha!)

Kathleen said...

congrats on the kudos!

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